A New Approach to Home


The above photo features a peastone walkway curving toward the front porch of a residence and the front door. Lush plantings on both sides of the walk beckon the visitor forward and lend an air of mystery to the experience. The front door remains hidden, to be revealed by a turn in the path. The feeling here is one of warmth and welcome, with sheltering trees providing shade and vertical interest. As the guest proceeds along the walk, the plantings seem to embrace him.

The plants used here are Rhododendron, Pieris, and Viburnum along with daylilies and other low perennials. The daylilies project an informal, “gardeny” look and lots of seasonal color.   The shrubs are massed in groupings, where they are allowed to grow together in a natural manner. They are not sheared into individual balls, which is the usual (and wrong) practice in landscaping today. Instead, they are pruned to achieve a layered effect. White Birch and Japanese Maple trees provide focal points above the shrubbery.