A Classic Brick Patio

Nothing complements traditional New England architecture like old-fashioned brick work! The common complaint about brick was the soft, porous texture that made it unsuitable for New England winters, when it would break apart and crumble. New varieties of brick pavers have allayed these concerns while maintaining the charming rough texture and uneven color of old brick.

In the above photo, an oval shaped patio has been fashioned using S+H City Hall Pavers. So named because of their extensive use in Boston’s City Hall plaza, they

have the appearance of old brick while providing the endurance and durability of a modern paver. The rosy color is more appealing than the harsh orange hue of many brick paver choices.

Here, the patio is raised (4” above the walkway) and furnished with a wrought-iron settee. Boxwood hedges interspersed with kitchen herbs combine formal and informal elements in the planting scheme.